“This afternoon I felt completely inept at mothering my children. I felt like a failure, I felt frustrated, I felt like they were conspiring to see who could make Mom lose her mind the quickest. I felt attacked by the three small people in my home and I let them know it. Then I went to my room and cried. A few hours after I’d managed to pull it together, apologize for my crazy lack of emotional control, and get the little ones to bed, I sat down and opened my computer. I soaked in Brooke’s words and I felt a fresh batch of tears form, not from a feeling of inadequacy, but from the knowledge that I’m not alone in this struggle to maintain emotional control. I felt encouraged, blessed, and renewed through the practical wisdom, spiritual insight, and biblical principles shared throughout this book. This is a must-have for all Moms who feel overwhelmed with the emotional toll of motherhood.”
— Kelli Stuart, blogger at Minivans Are Hot


“Brooke loves God and is passionate about sharing Him with others. Her confidence in Jesus’ work on the cross and His love allow her to be vulnerable with her readers and pull back the curtain on some of the uglier moments of motherhood. If you are a mom who has felt exhausted, frustrated, incapable, discouraged, alone, or helpless, you will relate to Brooke’s personal accounts of losing her temper, saying the wrong things, and generally feeling out of control. But Brooke doesn’t leave you there. She offers practical, Biblically based tips and encouragement to develop self-control and deal more effectively with trying situations. You will end this book feeling like you just had coffee with a dear friend, one who makes you feel understood, hope-filled, and ready to re-embrace your calling as a mom with a few more tools under your belt.”
— Katie Tevis, blogger at KatieTevis.com


“Brooke McGlothlin is a writer who ‘gets’ moms. She knows our struggles, understands our frustrations, and is fully aware of that mommy-guilt we’re all plagued with. Even better? She’s always got just the right words to say in order to ease tension(s), calm emotions, and help stressed-out mamas focus on the bigger picture. How to Control Your Emotions So They Don’t Control You is a beautifully written, biblically based book that meets its reader in the midst of a mommy meltdown, providing her with the tools she’ll need to regain control, manage her moods, rely on God, and embrace this role she’s been blessed with.”
— Jenny Lee Sulpizio, author of Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe


“I love how Brooke bravely shows us the place she has struggled and found victory through the application of Truth. I am grateful for her transparency. In How to Control Your Emotions So They Don’t Control You, she uses practical tools I can easily apply to my own life. This is a timely message and I’m grateful.”
— Stacey Thacker, Mothers of Daughters Editor, author of Being OK With Where You Are


“As a Pastor’s wife, I have seen many tears fall, lives damaged, marriages and families shattered by the raging effects of emotions not handled properly. If every woman could read this book and grasp it, our homes, families, and churches could be completely transformed to bring glory to God.”
— Holly Weidman, blogger at Epic Surrender


How to Control Your Emotions So They Don’t Control You is a must read for all moms, wherever she is on the motherhood journey. Author Brooke McGlothlin has offered a beautifully written guide to emotional control that hits home and reminds every stressed-out mother that she is not alone. Biblically based and full of her own mama meltdown stories, this book provides the tools needed to take control of those emotions and put them back where they belong: in God’s hands. Every mother needs to read this book, and every home full of children needs to have it on their family book shelf.”
— Beth Wilkison, blogger at My Inconceivable Family


“Brooke has captured the problem all moms face every day — our emotions and how to handle them. This is a great reminder that we all need to find grace and power in the one who loves us. This is a must read for all Moms.”
— Rebecca Brandt, blogger at Mom’s Mustard Seeds


“Reading Brooke’s book was like a glimpse into my own life. As a fellow boy mom, I often find my emotions and noise level rising to match those of my strong-willed sons, and nobody wins when I do that. This book was a timely reminder that I can choose each day to give over control of my emotions to my Creator, and when I blow it, come right back to Him to start over with His loving grace, mercy, and forgiveness. I will be drawing inspiration from this book often.”
— Erin, blogger at Home with the Boys, and Co-Founder of Raising Boys Media